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  • Artist Call for Summer 2019
    Authentically Allentown
    Artist-in-Residence Programs

    Projects focus on Upside Allentown Region

    Deadline to submit proposals May 15

    The Cultural Coalition of Allentown is proud to announce a public artist call for individual artists and organizations to apply for the 2019 Authentically Allentown Artist-in-Residence Program for projects and programs in the neighborhoods and communities throughout the Upside Allentown area including Old Allentown, Old Fairgrounds, Jordan Heights, Promise Neighborhood, Seventh Street and the Downtown Allentown Business District.

    Two Authentically Allentown Artist-in-Residence Grants of $5,000-$7,500 will be awarded for projects and programs to be delivered during the June-September time period.

    Eligibility Requirements and Project Objectives:
    • Artist must live or currently work in the City of Allentown
    • Artist project must take place in one of the six designated neighborhoods. (Jordan Heights, Old Fair Grounds, 7th Street Corridor, Old Allentown, the Promise
    Neighborhood, or Downtown Allentown Business District)
    • Artist should focus on projects that enhance the neighborhood, and engage youth,
    families, and residents.
    • Artist must submit a detailed proposal via email (Only accepting electronic submissions)
    • Commitment document from a Community Partner is required. Partners include, but are not limited to: Allentown School District, Faith-based organizations, Neighborhood organizations and Community Centers.
    • Artist must provide a time line of the project completion no later than September 30, 2019
    • Artist must submit proposal using the Authentically Allentown Artist-in-Residence Form for acceptance.
    • Submissions must be sent to Deborah Rabinsky, Artistic Operations Director at Deborah@culturalcoalitionofallentown.org

    Artists of all genres including visual, music, theatre, dance, literary and digital are encouraged to submit a proposal to the Deb Rabinsky between April 15, 2019 and May 15, 2019 for projects to be completed by September 30, 2019. Eligible artists must live, work or study in Allentown and must submit their digital proposal including budget and time line by 11:59PM May 15, 2019.

    For more information on the 2019 Authentically Allentown Artist-in-Residence Program please email Deborah Rabinsky or call 484.809.2853.

  • Matt Halm Queen City Mural

    CCA joined with Ron Coleman to fund the Queen City installation by Allentown muralist Matt Halm at the property on Ninth Street in Downtown Allentown. The mural will be completed in early spring 2019.

  • Peter Pan Workshop

    CCA and Allentown Public Theatre came together to provide an interactive experience for children in the Jordan Heights neighborhood during the Summer of 2017 as part of the "Authentically Allentown" Artist-in-Residence program.

    Free workshops took place at several churches throughout the Jordan Heights neighborhood and capped off with a performance in August at Allentown Art Museum

    Allentown Public Theatre presented “Peter Pan: Wendy – An Adventure in Neverland” as an interactive experience for children throughout the Jordan Heights community of Allentown. The workshops consisted of different elements including acting, set design and costume making while preparing for a performance before an audience of parents, friends and community and church members.


    Participation was open to any child 5-12 years old from the Jordan Heights community and presented in a bilingual format.


    The “Authentically Allentown” Artist-in-Residence program is the initial signature initiative from CCA’s 20:21 Arts Plan. Working in collaboration with the Jordan Heights’ Neighborhood Revitalization program, two-hour workshops were held each day for three days with 10-20 neighborhood children, culminating in a free weekend performance of the play. Workshops were held in Grace Episcopal Church in June, Sacred Heart Church in July and Union Baptist Church in August. The entire series capped off with a performance of Wendy in Downtown Allentown in August as part of the Third Thursday on August 17 at the Allentown Art Museum.


    The Cultural Coalition of Allentown is supported by the Community Action Development Corporation (CADCA) and the Upside Allentown Neighborhood Partnership Program and the Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation. The Upside Allentown neighborhoods consist of the Hamilton District, Old Allentown, Old Fairgrounds, Jordan Heights, Promise Neighborhood and Seventh Street.